“I engaged Jessica to design a new, from the ground up guest house and worked with Jessica extensively during the design process. She was great about taking my general (and often vague) ideas and converting them into a fantastic design. She really did a wonderful job of making sure that the new house fit with the look, aesthetics, and general feel of my main house and the backyard in general. Jessica was also able to navigate the complicated and sometimes contradictory requirements of the Palo Alto building department and took care of all the permitting for the project.

        One really great thing about Jessica is she didn't just hand the builder a set of plans and walk away. Instead she was really involved during the construction phase and was often on site making sure everything went according to plan. She had a great interaction with the contractor which really helped to make sure everyone had the same vision. I've had many people comment on how great the new guest house is and that it fits in so well that it looks like it was always there. I use it every day as my office when guests aren't over and I absolutely love it. In fact, I was so happy with her work that I hired her for some remodels on my main house and they came out fantastic. 

        I can absolutely recommend Jess - she is great! In fact, both my sisters have hired her and my parents will probably do the same. None of them knew they wanted to do a remodel but her work really inspired them." 

Robert Klein, Palo Alto