Jessica Resmini


Over the past 20 years, Jessica has practiced architecture with an emphasis on green building and design throughout the Bay Area. In 2008, she began to explore urban infill through the design of several accessory structures and second dwelling units for clients. Her passion for innovative solutions in housing continued and in 2018, she created ADU Collective. By focusing solely on ADUs, Jessica is able to use mass customization to provide flexible and personalized solutions of custom-made housing units with low unit costs. She has extensive knowledge of current housing laws and regulations and is able to achieve optimal results through collaboration and creative problem solving. She enjoys spending her free time traveling and kite surfing with her husband and two sons.

Keleigh Grim


With over 15 years of interior design and architecture experience, Keleigh loves the challenge of creating small spaces that are extremely functional and beautiful. Her involvement in the tiny house movement spurs her passion for ADUs.  Keleigh holds a Bachelor's in Interior Design and a Master's in Architecture and Sustainable Design. Upon graduating from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, she spent 9 months working on non-profit building projects in Central America before starting out on her own in 2011. She has held volunteer positions for the U.S. Green Building Council and participated in many natural building workshops including volunteer work for the California Strawbale Builders Association. She enjoys that every client is unique and strives to create spaces that express those personalities.


JaWen Hernandez


JaWen brings over 20 years of architectural experience in residential and commercial design. She focuses on the clients' needs and provides open-mindedness and flexibility throughout the project. With a previous focus in kitchen layouts, she gravitates towards elegant and functional solutions that integrate culture, beauty and the intimate understanding of use. She draws on her sensitivities from living all over the world: Japan, Prague, Taiwan and throughout the U.S. When JaWen isn't working, she enjoys discovering trails around the Bay Area with her family.

Jenna Yu

Project Manager

Jenna is a Bay Area born, New England dweller. She has designed green, natural homes and ADUs around California for the past 6 years. She serves as the workshop coordinator and board member of the California Straw Building Association, an organization that pushes forward carbon sequestering, high performing buildings. She got her love of ADUs from her mother, a SF public school teacher, who built additional dwelling spaces in all of their childhood homes; from tucking a studio at the back of a garage, to a cozy “shed” in the redwoods. Jenna studied architecture in New England at RISD and at the China Academy of Art. Aside from being a mom to her son, 2 dogs and several chickens, she loves designing and thinking through the details of buildings with dreamers and visionaries.


John Kelley


John brings years of invaluable experience with the permitting process when it comes to building new homes and ADUs. He has been an active proponent for local housing, speaking often before Palo Alto's City Council and Planning and Transportation Commission. He continues to explore how state and local land use, energy, utilities, environmental, financing, and other policies affect housing production. John's interest in building reaches back to when he learned basic drafting in junior high school. He has also been an instructor in the Continuing Studies Program at Stanford.  John is awed by the talent and creativity of the architects and other design professionals at ADU Collective.

Shannon Heimlich

Business Development/Designer

Shannon has spent the last decade planning and designing large scale events and weddings.
As someone who has managed a wide array of clients, including global technology companies and high-profile clientele, she understands the nuances of proactively supporting and coordinating multiple projects. Throughout her career, she has held roles that involved generating innovative ideas and strategies to improve business processes. She has extensive experience in project management, marketing, budgeting, and establishing/fostering relationships. She approaches each and every project as an experience; a way to truly customize the overall process for clients and help them navigate the intricacies of designing ADU interiors and remodels. When she isn’t at ADU Collective, you can find her working with private clients at a local interior design firm or indulging in culinary adventures with her husband, son and daughter.


Jill Woodford

Chief Operating Officer

Jill combines the rigor of factory operations and business analytics with her passion for environmentally sound home construction to drive ADU Collective to run efficiently while also making sound long-term design choices.  Whether it’s energy efficiency, building biology, or a streamlined schedule, Jill puts her unique background and experience to work to provide a thoughtful and efficient ADU project. Jill enjoys gardening, creating, hiking, and is an ardent social justice activist.